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Juki LU-2216N-7 Long Arm Lockstitch Machine

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Juki LU-2216N-7 Long Arm Lockstitch Machine

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Single Needle Long-arm, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook and Automatic Thread Trimmer

The long arm unison feeds lockstitch machine with a vertical-axis large hook with automatic thread trimmer:

  • For processes that require a longer distance from the machine arm to needles, such as reinforcement stitching and topstitching in tape attachment processes for sewing furniture or car seats.

Higher productivity
Both the Juki LU-2216N-7 (1-needle) and Juki LU-2266N-7 (2-needle) achieve the maximum sewing speed of 3,000rpm. With this capability, the machine demonstrates higher productivity when sewing long lengths of materials.

The machine adopts a fully automatic lubricating method.
With fully automatic lubrication, the cumbersome task of oiling the machine by hand is eliminated. Oil is forcedly circulated through the faceplate by a plunger pump. This prevents oil leakage from the faceplate.

Longer distance from the machine arm to needle
With the long distance from the machine arm to the centre of the needle, a full 650mm, the machine is ideally suited to reinforcement stitching processes for attaching tape and intermediate sewing processes such as topstitching for large workpieces.

Consistent feed efficiency at higher sewing speeds
With its powerful feed and optimal feed locus, the machine smoothly feeds materials without stitch gathering even when running at a higher sewing speed.

The presser foot lift is as high as 16mm.
The presser foot goes up as high as 16mm. This ample lift ensures easy setting of heavy materials on the machine and comfortable operation.


Juki LU-2216N-7 Long Arm Lockstitch Machine

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:


Model name

Juki LU-2216N-7

Juki LU-2266N-7­



 Max. sewing speed­


 Max. stitch length­

 9mm (normal/reverse feed)­­

 6mm (normal/reverse feed)­

 Needle gauge­


  10mm (standard)­

 Lift of the presser foot­

 By hand: 9mm, Auto: 16mm

 Auto lifter­

Provide as standard (pneumatic auto-lifter: AK115)­


Vertical axis 1.6 fold-capacity hook

 Needle (at the time of delivery)­

 134×35 (Nm140) Nm100Nm180­­

  134×35 (Nm140) Nm100Nm160­


 #30#4, B46B138, Nm=60/320/3­

  #20#5, B69B138, Nm=40/320/3­

 Safety mechanism­

Provided as standard­



 Bed size­


 Weight of the machine head­




Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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