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Juki DDL900A-SWBN-X73203 Lockstitch Machine

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Juki DDL900A-SWBN-X73203 Lockstitch Machine 

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine 

Direct Drive, High Speed, Single Needle, Lockstitch with Automatic Thread Trimmer and Thread Nipper. 

“DRY” Oil Pan System 

Integrated into the sewing machine bed and prevents oil stains on sewing products. The needle bar is lubricated with a smaller quantity of oil as compared with the conventional model.

Newly developed frame oil recovery mechanism

Employs a market-proven forced lubrication method and prevents splashing of oil. Increases productivity and is complete with automatic oil circulation mechanism.

Thread Nipper 

Pressure is applied to the thread as the needle is lowered into the fabric at the initial stitch, keeping the thread close to the needle head and results in a reduced residual thread on the bottom of the material.

Other benefits of this device include:

  • A shorter remaining thread after the first stitch
  • Noise Reduction
  • Ability to apply special foot
  • Occupies less space
  • Safer (compared to a wiper device)
  • No Soft Start Needed.



Juki DDL900A-SWBN-X73203 

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Series:


Application: Light to medium-weight

Lubrication: “DRY” oil pan system 

Max. Sewing Speed: 5000 sti/min

Max. Stitch Length: 4mm

Needle Bar Stroke: 30.7mm

Needle: DBx1 (14) 9~18 134 (Nm90)

Direct motor: 400W

Lift of Presser Foot: by hand 5.5mm, by knee 13mm

Weight of the machine head: 36kg.


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Weight 45000 g

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