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Juki LK1900S High-Speed Bartacking Machine

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Juki LK1900S High-Speed Bartacking Machine

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Juki’s established quality is achieved with simplified functions

Higher productivity

This sewing machine shortens the total cycle time with its improved capabilities such as the maximum sewing speed of 3,200 sti/min, quick acceleration at the beginning of sewing and quick deceleration at the end of sewing, increased thread trimming speed and work clamp foot lifting speed.

Higher flexibility

This sewing machine quickly carries out sewing of various kinds of sewing patterns.
The sewing machine is provided as standard with 51 sewing patterns with different stitch directions and a number of stitches, such as large bartacking, small bartacking, straight-line tracking.
The operator can select the best-suited sewing pattern according to the given process. (In some cases, the work clamp foot and other parts may be required to be changed.)

The sewing machine provides the sewing area of 30 mm (length) × 40 mm (width).
With its large sewing area, this sewing machine can be fully utilized for sewing various kinds of sewing patterns such as lengthwise bartacking.
In addition, the sewing machine has such a large memory capacity to store many different scale ratios, numbers of stitches and numbers of sewing patterns, thereby ensuring improved flexibility.


Juki LK1900S High-Speed Bartacking Machine 

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:


Model name






Max. sewing speed

3,200sti/min (at the time of delivery 2,700sti/min)

Sewing area

30mm (L)×40mm (W)

Stitch length

0.110mm (0.1mm step)

Lift of the work clamp

Standard 13mm (17mm when the reverse-rotation needle-up function)


Standard shuttle hook

Number of stitches
that can be stored in memory

Max. 20,000 stitches

Number of
standard patterns

51 patterns

Number of data
that can be input

200 patterns


DP×5 (#14)

DP×17 (#21)

Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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