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Juki AMB289 Button-neck-wrapping Machine

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Juki AMB289 Button-neck-wrapping Machine 

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Computer-controlled, High-speed, Single-thread Chainstitch, Button-neck-wrapping Machine

The machine demonstrates the highest productivity among button-neck-wrapping machines intended for men’s and ladies’ outerwear.

  • A single machine unit permits the quick changeover of types of buttons to be sewn, i.e., flat buttons, shank button, marble buttons and stay buttons with a one-touch utility lever.

  • This single machine can also sew flat buttons, shank buttons, marble buttons and stay buttons (counter buttons).

  • Sewing methods and sewing shapes can easily reset on the operation panel.

  • In combination with the independent-drive needle-throwing method, the adoption of the Y-feed on the body side and X-Y feed on the button-sewing side enable the Juki AMB-289 to sew patterns with a variable number of buttonholes.

  • The cycle time has been reduced to bolster productivity along with an enhanced sewing speed.


Juki AMB289 Button-neck-wrapping Machine 

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:


Model Number

Juki AMB-289

Sewing speed

Max. sewing speed

 1,800sti/min (neck-wrapping), 1,200sti/min (button sewing)


 Sewing of various button types (buttons to be sewn by machine)

 Button size

Sewing button without neck-wrapping : φ8φ38mm
Sewing button with neck-wrapping : φ8
Counter button : φ8


 ORGAN SM×332EXTLG-NY (standard needle), (at the time of delivery #14) #12#18


 SPUN #60#30, Cotton thread #60#30

 Feed system

 Stepping motor


 Stepping motor

 Thread trimming system


 Number of cycle stitch patterns

 The number of registered patterns: 20 (30 patterns for one cycle)

 Button loader

 Provided as standard


 No lubrication Periodic greasing is required.


 Machine head: 65kg, Control box: 13kg


Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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