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Jack MS-100A+ -95SSYX-F13 1400 X 950MM Pattern Sewing Machine

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Jack MS-100A+ -95SSYX-F13 1400 X 950MM Pattern Sewing Machine

Compact Design – Sewing area 140x95cm, however, thanks to the folding and sliding side and front tables, it is possible to reduce the overall dimensions in 1 minute and transport is very easily without having to disassemble it

Electronic Tension Post – At the start it effectively reduces the bird nest (lower entanglement at the start of the seam). During the cut it keeps the thread taut improving the quality

RFID – The radio frequency reader reads disks where you can save the drawing of sewing endless times. When you approach the template, the machine will automatically change the drawing

Electronic Foot – The smart foot stays down longer waiting for the needle to rise to prevent stitches jump and break. It is also possible to set different heights in different seam sections

Touch Display – The quick buttons allow you to quickly activate the most used functions: emergency stop, air cleaning, descent of template clamps and start of sewing




Jack MS-100A+ -95SSYX-F13 1400 X 950MM Pattern Sewing Machine

Foldable Pattern Field Machine – Sewing Area 1400 x 950 mm
Pattern Field machine large 140x95cm, advanced for light and Heavy Duty with double screw drive type, new fully resealable design



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Weight 74000 g

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