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Jack Lockstitch Direct Drive A2-CHQ-7

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Jack Lockstitch Direct Drive A2-CHQ-7 (Heavy Duty)

Here it is a brand new Computerised Heavy Duty Lockstitch designed machine for the 21st century.

This is important, basic direct drive sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer as standard.

Operational Panel is easy to understand, speed control at your fingertips. No Need to be afraid of the parameters.

Direct Drive Motor, with cooling fan, decreases the temperature of the motor, extending the lifetime of the machine,

(She’ll be running for years).

User – Friendly German design. Half Stitch, back stitch and 3 Led light setting Auto Foot Lift, trims the cotton, runs in oil. 

Integrated System Clean and Safe. All connections & plugs of the control box are well located & tidied up at the back.

Oh! We think this lockstitch is well designed & well put together at the right price.



Jack Lockstitch Direct Drive A2-CHQ-7

Heavy Duty Power Saving Standard Lockstitch.

With automatic thread trimmer.


Mode Needle Thread Stitch Sewing Materials
Number Length (mm) Speed (s.p.m) Thin Med Heavy
A2-CQ DB×1 11-18# 2 5 5000 x x
A2-CHQ DP×5 18-21# 2 5 5000 x
A2-CQ-7 DB×1 11-18# 2 7 3500 x
A2-CHQ-7 DP×5 18-21# 2 7 3500 x x

More specifications for the above models are also available.



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Weight 45000 g

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