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Jack K4-UT-01 Coverseam Cylinder Arm

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Jack K4-UT-01 Coverseam / Interlocker Cylinder Arm

Under Bed Thread Trimmer.

Automatic presser foot lift an impressive 6.2mm with electromagnet.

Needle bar does not leak oil; Feed dog holder does not dump oil; Slide bar does not eject oil.

3 Needle 5 Thread Top & Bottom Coverseam / Interlocker.

Small Cylinder Arm. Perimeter – Circumference is only 270mm

Direct Drive Needle Position motor. Silent integrated design. Allows to electronically position the needles to enable trouble free release of work.

Stitch Length. Adjustment easy & fast at the push of a button.

Easily adjustable differential feed.

Fully Enclosed Lubrication System. Including needle bar chamber

Say good bye to oil leaks.

Latest Design. To ensure balanced stitch formation & easy of threading.


Jack K4-UT-01 Coverseam Cylinder Arm 


Model Needle Needle Thread Sewing
Gauge (mm) Number Speed
K4-D-01GB 11~14 1.5 – 4.5 5 5500
K4-UT-01GB 11~14 1.5 – 4.5 5 5500
K4-UT-35AC 11~14 1.5 – 4.5 5 5500

More specifications of the above models also available.

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Weight 85000 g

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