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Jack JK-T9270 Feed-off-The-Arm Machine

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Jack Industrial Sewing Machine JK-T9270

Three Needle Feed-off-The-Arm Machine: 1/4″ Gauge Set

  • Designed to sew light to medium- weight fabrics such as cotton dress shirts, silks and similar materials.

  • Cantilever cylindrical special structure with wide application range. More beautiful soft stitch in Low tension, avoiding wrinkles.
  • Movable needle protector Avoid skipping stitches, better efficiency, smoother and more beautiful stitching.
  • Needle gauge button neatly adjusts the needle gauge and meet different sewing needs.
  • Multiple puller equipment, Feeding materials stably – PL puller equipment is inbuilt direct drive puller with a simple structure. PS puller equipment is external puller, driven by synchronous belt and gearbox, more wide rage pulling adjustment, easier to adjust.


Jack JK-T9270 Feed-off-The-Arm Machine 

Jack Industrial Sewing Machine Series:


Number of needles: 3

Max sewing speed: 4,000 SPM (3,600 recommended)

Stitch length: 1.4 to 3.5 mm

Presser foot lift: 8 mm

Adjustable stitch length: By Push Button with Locking Mechanism

Lubrication: Semi-Automatic Oil Lubrication


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Weight 55000 g

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