Jack JK-T783G-Z Buttonhole Machine

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Jack JK-T783G-Z Buttonhole Machine

Jack JK-T783G-Z Buttonhole Machine 40MM Foot Direct Drive

Introducing Jack’s brand new integrated design…  Jack JK-T781D Power Saving Flattop Buttonholing Machine, the new breakthrough in quality:

  • The main shaft is driven by an energy-saving motor with the advantage of low vibration and low noise
  • Easy operation – We can freely set the stitch numbers of soft start, observe and adjust the motor speed, which is easy to operate.
  • LED light – Easy for observation and ease visual fatigue.
  • Optimised hand wheel design, Fast heat transfer, Dust proof – Easily turn the hand-wheel and cool the control box. Close design of circuit component can prevent dust
  • Optimised lubrication system, Clean without contamination – With high-pressure oil pump lubrication, it makes sure all the spare parts are fully lubricated under long time


Jack JK-T783G-Z Buttonhole Machine 40MM Foot Direct Drive

Integrated Electronic Lockstitch Button holding Machine

Mechanical Buttonhole machine driven by an integrated single shaft motor has low vibration, low noise, high efficiency and excellent sewing quality.

Automatic thread trimmer and foot lifter controlled by a stepper motor to improve efficiency and reduce labor. New panel with automatic piece counter function.

Suitable for sewing buttonholes on various fabrics, shirts, overalls, T-shirts.


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Weight 55000 g

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