Jack JK-T781D Buttonhole Machine

Jack JK-T781D Buttonhole Machine

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Jack JK-T781D Buttonhole Machine

Jack Industrial Sewing Machine JK-T781D

Introducing Jack’s brand new integrated design…  Jack JK-T781D Power Saving Flattop Buttonholing Machine, the new breakthrough in quality:

  • The main shaft is driven by an energy-saving motor with the advantage of low vibration and low noise
  • Easy operation – We can freely set the stitch numbers of soft start, observe and adjust the motor speed, which is easy to operate.
  • LED light – Easy for observation and ease visual fatigue.
  • Optimised hand wheel design, Fast heat transfer, Dust proof – Easily turn the hand-wheel and cool the control box. Close design of circuit component can prevent dust
  • Optimised lubrication system, Clean without contamination – With high-pressure oil pump lubrication, it makes sure all the spare parts are fully lubricated under long time


Jack JK-T781D Buttonhole Machine 

Jack Industrial Sewing Machine Series:


Model Needle Button Side Thread Sewing
Holing Cutting Number Speed (s.p.m)
JK-T781D DP×5 12 22×4 1/4″~3/4″ 2 3600
JK-T782D DP×5 12 33×5 1/4″~1″ 2 3600
JK-T783D DP×5 12 40×5 1/4″~1 1/4″ 2 3600
JK-T781DK DP×5 12 22×4 1/4″~3/4″ 2 3600


More specifications of the above models are also available.

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Weight 55000 g

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