Jack JK-T1906GS 60 x 50 Pattern Sewing Machine

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Jack JK-T1906BS Programmable Electronic Pattern Stitcher

      • The finest control panel and programmer in the business

      • High-power German step motor drive enables the bar tack with strong penetrating power and even super-thick material could be sewed smoothly.

Working area

X Direction Sewing Area 60mm

Y Direction Sewing Area 50mm

Up to 100 patterns could be imported in this machine through USB directly. It can be used in the production of sewing Webbing, leatherwear, leather product bags, jeans and so on.

Plain and clear sewing patterns and detailed parameter makes it much more efficient for edit operation.

  • Includes a 60mm x 40mm box clamp AND regular tacking clamp for sewing bar tacks

      • Easy touch-screen scaling of patterns

      • Ultimately, this is the best value for a medium-sized pattern sewing machine you can find.


 Jack JK-T1906GS Programmable Electronic Pattern Stitcher

Working Area  X Direction 60mm  Y Direction 50mm

Needle Type & Sizes DPx17 Sizes 14 to 25

Thread 2 Reals

Height of presser foot lift 2700mm

Sewing speed max 2700

Weight 219KG

This machine ships complete and fully assembled – ready to sew upon arrival.

It includes:

·         Machine Head

·         Table Top

·         Heavy Duty Stand

·         Control Panel

·         Standard Clamp

·         SERVO Motor

·         LED Light

·         Manuals

·         Extra needles, bobbins, and tools.

Additional information

Weight 55000 g

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