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Jack JK-T1900GSK-D Electronic Bartacking Machine

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Jack JK-T1900GSK-D Electronic Bartacking Machine

Up To 30 mm (L) x 40 mm (W)

So as you are sitting at the machine, sewing area will be 30mm back and forth 40mm left to right max…

Heavy Duty Electronic Bartacking Machine equipped with:

  • One Machine With Multi-functions – Bartacking and button holing, easy shift. High efficiency cost saving. 
  • Suitable For Heavy Duty – Easy to sew bartacking of heavy duty materials.
  • High Efficiency – The max. speed reaches 3200 rpm, high efficiency.
  • Easy To Learn And Use – Touchable panel is sensitive, which shows the functions of reset and machine-transfer.
  • Automatic Button Feeding (JK-T1903GR) – Equipped with automatic button feeding device, the efficiency can be increased by 1.8 times compared with manual method.


Jack JK-T1900GSK-D Electronic Bartacking Machine 

Heavy duty machine 

Standard machine’s equipment

  • work clamp kit for standard bartacking in 16 x 2.4 mm size (for other patterns it is necessary to change the clamps)

  • work clamp kit for using the machine as a button sewing machine

Technical parameters

  • maximum sewing speed: 3200 stitches / min

  • stitch width: 0.1 mm – 10 mm

  • sewing area: 30 mm (L) x 40 mm (W) (in order to sew all standard patterns in the machine, each time you have to adjust the elements that hold the fabric, i.e. work clamp foot and feed plate)

Model Needle Stitch Thread Max Speed Application
Number (s.p.m)
JK-T1900GS DPx5 16 1 2 3200 Light/Medium Material
JK-T1900GH DPx17 19 1 2 3200 Heavy Duty
JK-T1900GM DPx5 11 1 2 3200 Knitting Material
JK-T1900GX DPx5 16 1 2 2700 Pattern Sewing
JK-T1900GY DPx5 16 1 2 2700 Cap Hole
JK-T1900GN DPx17 19 1 2 2700 Fishing Nets
JK-T1900GL DPx17 14 1 2 2700 Bartacking For Socks
JK-T1906GS DPx17 14 1 2 2700 Pattern Sewing
JK-T1906GP DPx17 14 1 2 2700 Elastic Joint


More specifications of the above models are also available.

Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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