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Jack JK-T1377E Chain Stitch Button Sewer

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Electronic Button Sewer Jack JK-T1377E

Three different stitch patterns to sew the button on

Just turn the switching pattern adjustment handle that can easily be reached.

Direct drive energy saving motor

Integrated electronic control, automatic parking, speed adjustable and saving up to 71%.

Low vibration, low noise and more environmentally friendly.

Smart Configuration saving and efficient

Automatic presser foot and automatic thread trimming by electromagnet control… more stable than mechanical gearing.

LCD Operational panel. Which is easy to use.

Operator panel keys can be easily selected from a number of stitches, various parameter and stitch pattern settings.

Built in LED lights

Ensures accurate threading and well light work area.



Jack Electronic Chain Stitch Button Sewer JK-T1377E


Model Needle Thread Sewing Button Button Hole
TQx1 16(14~18) Number Speed (s.p.m) Diameter (mm) Size (mm)
JK-T1377E TQx7 16(14~18) 1 1500 10~18 x (2.5~6.5)

More specifications of the above models are also available. 

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Weight 55000 g

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