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Jack JK-T12080B Pattern Sewing Machine

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Jack JK-T12080B

Industrial Pattern Sewing Machine 


Programmable Electronic Large Area Pattern Sewing Machine equipped with:

  • Intelligent Medium-Presser Foot – Medium-presser cooperates well with the needle and improves the break thread when starting sewing.
  • Easy Installation – The flatbed is clean and durable, do not scratch template. Convenient to fold and installs in just 3 minutes.
  • Precision and Convenience – Fixed template in compaction. The template does not need supporting parts and is compatible with most fixed templates in the market (Optional jig).
  • Stable Feeding, Lower Vibration – Motor drive rack feeding in X direction, small transmission loss, feeding is more stable with lower vibration.
  • Perfect Sewing to save time – Recognise template pattern by RFID technology with a 100% accuracy rate. More advanced than normal recognition technology in the market. Import Pattern, High Efficiency and Convenience – You can make a sewing pattern on the PC, and then import it directly by USB!
  • Remote Control by the Internet – Solve problems, updates the system by remote controller.

Various Big Presser Foot, Sewing Widely – Various specification of the big presser foot, suitable for different thickness fabrics and sewing template.


Jack JK-T12080B Pattern Sewing Machine

Jack Industrial Sewing Machine Series:



Model Needle Thread Sewing Sewing
Number Range Speed (s.p.m)
JK-T12080B DPx5 7-16 2 1200×770 2800


More specifications of the above models are also available.

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Weight 45000 g

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