Jack JK-T10080 Pattern Sewing Machine 1000 x 760

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Jack JK-T10080 Pattern Sewing Machine 1000 x 760

Programmable Electronic Pattern Stitcher

All machines are outfitted with LCD Touch-Screen control panels and programmers, so you have FULL CONTROL of pattern creation, pattern recall, pattern adjustments, and multiple settings to comply with particular sewing processes.

Working area 1000mm x 750mm

•         Up to 999 patterns could be imported in this machine through USB directly. It can be used in the production of sewing Webbing, leatherwear, leather product bags, jeans and so on.

•         Plain and clear sewing patterns and detailed parameter makes it much more efficient for edit operation.

•         Slot the cylindrical pin card to the fixture and step a pedal switch, a template changing will be finished quickly and accurately.

•         High-power motor drive enables the bar tack with strong penetrating power and even super-thick material could be sewed smoothly.

Quick Pattern Replacement

Infra-Red Scanning System

Recognise and Confirm Infinite Pattern Design Automatically Determines the Starting Point of Sewing, One Button Realise Operation Rapidly.



 Jack JK-T100x80 Programmable Electronic Pattern Stitcher

Working Area 1000mm x 750mm

Needle Type & Sizes DPx17 Sizes 14 to 25

Thread 2 Reals

Hight of presser foot lift 2700mm

Sewing speed max 2700

Weight 219KG

This machine ships complete and fully assembled – ready to sew upon arrival.

It includes:

  • Machine Head
  • Table Top
  • Heavy Duty Stand
  • Control Panel
  • Standard Clamp
  • SERVO Motor
  • LED Light
  • Manuals
  •  Extra needles, bobbins, and tools.

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Weight 55000 g

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