Jack JK-9820-01 Eyelet Keyhole Button Sewing Machine

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Jack JK-9820-01 Eyelet Keyhole Button Sewing Machine

Jack Keyhole buttonhole is suitable for sewing on jeans, suits, trousers, shirts. Both the number of stitches, the length of the hole and the gap between the two ends can be set.

This sewing machine is an electronic keyhole /buttonhole sewing machine with multiple keyhole patterns which the operator can choose. All patters get stored in the memory and can be recalled with the push-button.

This machine uses a feed mechanism and a needle bar rotating system which is all servo-controlled, eg very clever.

Jack keyhole buttonhole also allows the operator to choose whether the thread is cut before or after. The buttonhole shape, length, stitch density can all be adjusted. Fine-tuning of the knife position and clamp position can be adjusted to give you the best results on whatever your sewing.

Also, the high speed of this machine (2500sti/min) improves your productivity.

The lubrication system of this machine is automatic via a pump and oil wick systems, meaning that the material you are sewing will remain stainless.

The machine comes with the standard 220 Volt Single Phase

This machine comes assembled with a silent servo motor so that you are able to sew at fast rates without having a constant loud noise being produced.


Jack JK-9820-01 Eyelet Keyhole Button Sewing Machine

JACK JK-9820-01 Electronic Eyelet Keyhole Buttonhole Sewing Machine

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Weight 55000 g

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