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Jack JK-8740-460 Feed-off-The-Arm Flatlock

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Jack JK-8740-460 Feed-off-The-Arm Flatlock 

Four Needle Flatlock Feed-off-The-Arm top and bottom cover seam machine. 

  • Designed to sew light to medium-weight fabrics such as cotton dress shirts, silks and similar materials.

    Four-needle, six-thread coverstitch machine with free arm (flatlock), direct drive, double-sided edge trimming, fabric scraps extraction (centrifuge) and electromagnetic-type automatic foot lifting device. The mechanism of differential material feeding with the possibility of fine adjustment of the course of the slats. Adjustment of the differential feed ratio can be carried out directly during operation using a lever.

    Designed for overlapping materials when sewing swimwear and sportswear, underwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. Flatlock is excellent for processing difficult fabrics, new highly stretchable materials and fabrics with tight threads.


Jack JK-8740-460 Feed-off-The-Arm Flatlock 

Jack Industrial Sewing Machine Series:


Number of needles: 4

Max sewing speed: 4,200 SPM (3,600 recommended)

Stitch length: 1.6 to 2.5mm

Presser foot lift: 6mm

Stitch Width: 6mm

Lubrication: Semi-Automatic Oil Lubrication

Direct Drive Motor (Which gives excellent control)


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Weight 80000 g

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