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Jack JK-8569E-01GBX356/UT Coverseam

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Jack JK-8569E-01GBX356/UT

Under Bed Trimmer Coverseam / Interlocker Flat Bed

3 Needle 5 Thread Top & Bottom Coverseam / Interlocker


Automatic presser foot lift with electromagnet.

Equipped with auto wiper for two needle three thread machines.

One Machine. With multi-function sewing. Basic seam, Cover Seam, Bottom Hemming Seaming.

Direct Drive Needle Position motor. Silent integrated design. Allows to electronically position the needles to enable trouble free release of work.

Stitch Length. Adjustment easy & fast at the push of a button .

Easily adjustable differential feed.

Fully Enclosed lubrication system. Including needle bar chamber

Say good bye to oil leaks.

Latest Design. To ensure balanced stitch formation & easy of threading.


Jack JK-8569E-01GBX356/UT Coverseam

Flat Bed Under Bed Trimmer Coverseam


Uy128GAS size 11 – 16 . Use up to qty 3.

Use up to 5 threads for top & bottom cover stitch.

Direct Drive Needle Position motor. Silent,plus 70% power saving against a standard clutch motor.

Stitch width. Up to 6.4mm.

Differential feed ratio 0.6 to 1.3.

Presser foot Height. 5mm.

Sewing speed. Operational panel is easy to adjust between low & high speed. With a maximum speed of 6000 S.P.M.

Comes complete with Stand & Formica table top.

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Weight 55000 g

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