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Jack JK-797DI -4-514 Cylinder Arm Four Thread Overlock

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Jack JK-797DI -4-514 Cylinder Arm Four Thread Overlock

Direct Drive Cylinder Arm 4 Thread High-Speed Overlock.

This small cylinder machine is capable of making hems and sleeve cuffs – Plus overlocking tubing easily, and has a integrated power-saving motor. Cylindrical overlock also has an elastic expander.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: We also can provide a pneumatic tension device (Part No: FR01) – see pictures

Adjustable speed. Ease of use, Ease of threading built into this modern designed overlock.

The 4 thread overlock has become the machine of choice for all stretch fabrics.

Oil Supply System Optimisation. Fully enclosed needle bar mechanism & oil return mechanism, an improvement on the condition of needle bar abrasion & oil leaking.

Push-button. Stitch Length control.

Differential feed control allowing flat pucker-free seams on difficult fabrics.

Built-in Led Light. No more struggling with problematic machines.

The Jack JK-797DI is a pleasure to use. Silent motor & reliable machine.


Jack JK-797DI -4-514 Cylinder Arm Four Thread Overlock

Automatic Tensioner
Thanks to this device it is possible to tension the band to attach it to the neck opening or the closed loop elastic on boxers, lapels for sportswear, etc.

JK-797DI-4-514 -M03/333 O/L Specifications: 

Cylinder Arm 148mm

Needle Gauge 2mm

Needles B27 size 11/14 Number of needles 2

Direct Drive Motor. 70% saving on a standard clutch motor.

Stitch length. 3.8mm

Stitch Width. 4mm (Nice and wide)

Presser Foot Height. 5.5mm

Sewing Speed. Adjustable up to 5000 S.P.M

Differential Feed Ratio. 0.7 – 2

Integrated Fully Lubricated High-Speed Overlock. Complete on Formica tabletop and unit stand.

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Weight 55000 g

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