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Jack JK-6380E-4B Walking Foot

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Jack JK-6380E-4B Walking Foot 

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This machine offers you unrivalled performance.

It is excellently designed for light upholstery, uses standard chandler type piping sets, and is equipped with:

A LARGE ROTARY HOOK – holds 2.5 times the thread compared to a standard bobbin case which means fewer bobbin changes. Especially useful when using thick threads.

UP TO 8mm STITCH SIZE for large jobs and decorative stitching. The machine is also fitted with Industry Standard Accessory Plate for Attachments.

AUTOMATIC UNDER BED THREAD TRIMMER Programmable Auto Back Tacks. Direct Drive Silent Motor. Slow start setting. Electronic Tension Post. LED Needle Light.

AUTOMATIC FOOT-LIFT at 8mm on Hand-lift and 16mm using auto foot-lift, which means plenty of room for the thickest jobs. JK-6380 uses standard Chandler Feet for piping.

AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION via the built-in Oil Pump for higher speeds and smoother running. The machine has 800ml Oil Pan for a continuous supply.

INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE Presser Foot Lift for optimum performance when sewing seams which have large insertions such as webbings and cross seams.

INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE TOP FEED RATIO allowing fine-tuning for even and flat seams on difficult fabrics which are prone to twisting and ‘roping’ when sewn.


Jack JK-6380 Walking Foot Machine 


Model Needle Thread Stitch Sewing
Number Length (mm) Speed (s.p.m)
JK-6380E-4B DPx17 23 2 8 2000
JK-6380E-3B DPx17 23 2 8 2000
JK-6380B DPx17 23 2 8 2000
JK-6380 DPx17 23 2 8 2000


Automatic Automatic Electronic Automatic Vertical Heavy
Presser Lifting Trimmer Tension Post Backtack Hook (Large) Material
x x x x x x
x x x x x
x x
x x

More specifications for the above models are also available.

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Weight 80000 g

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