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Jack JK-2060GHC-4Q Walking Foot / Unison Feed

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Jack JK-2060GHC-4Q Fully Automatic Underbed Thread Trimmer Sewing Machine

Top & Bottom Walking Foot Unison Feed

This Sewing Machine is a class better, Same specifications as the Juki DU-1281-7 (who has the auto foot lift as an expensive optional extra) and Highlead GC-0388-D at a more customer-friendly price…

Product Description

Excellent for Medium / Heavy Upholstery.

Direct Drive Motor 750watt equipped with:

  • Large rotary hook holds 2.5 times the thread than a standard bobbin case which means fewer bobbin changes. Especially useful when using thick threads.

  • Up to 5.5mm stitch size for large jobs and decorative stitching.

  • High foot lift at 8mm using the hand-lift and 16mm using the automatic foot lift means plenty of room for the thickest jobs.

  • Automatic lubrication via the built-in oil pump means higher speeds and smoother running. The machine has 800ml oil pan for a continuous supply.

  • Independently adjustable presser foot lift for optimum performance when sewing seams which have large insertions such as webbings and cross seams.

  • Independently adjustable top feed ratio allows fine-tuning for even and flat seams on difficult fabrics which are prone to twisting and ‘roping’ when sewn 

  • Extra-large space under the machine’s head (335×150 mm), which is 75 mm larger and 20 mm taller than regular sewing machines.


Jack JK-2060-GHC-4Q Walking Foot 

Unison Feed / Compound Feed Underbed thread trimmer fully automatic, with lots of space under the arm…at the right price.


Model Needle Thread Stitch Sewing
Number Length (mm) Speed (s.p.m)
JK-2030GHC-3Q DPx17 20-23 2 2.5-5.5 2200
JK-2030GHC-4Q DPx17 20-23 2 2.5-5.5 2200
JK-2060GHC-3Q DPx17 20-23 2 2.5-5.5 2200
JK-2060GHC-4Q DPx17 20-23 2 2.5-5.5 2200

More specifications of the above models are also available. 


Additional information

Weight 55000 g

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