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JACK A6F-H Heavy Duty Needle Feed Programmable Semi-Dry Lockstitch

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Jack A6F-H Set up on heavy duty feed plate foot & drive train Needle Feed sewing machine.

Here it is a brand new Computerized Lockstitch designed machine for the 21st century.

Operational Panel is easy to understand, no need to be afraid of the parameters. 

Specialized Feeding keeps fabric smooth without winkles and layers offset; applicable for yarn, chiffon and silk fabrics. 

Beautiful Stitches and no need to cut remaining thread. End sewing remaining thread is short within 3mm,with auto lockstitch to avoid loose stitch.

Direct Drive Motor, With cooling fan decreases the temperature of the motor, extending the lifetime of the machine,

(She’ll be running for years)

Oil is stored in the sealed pan which is integrated into the machine head, effectively prevents oil leakage and oil staining.

User – Friendly German design. Half stitch, back stitch and 3 LED light setting, auto foot lift, trims the cotton down to 3mm or less. Runs in oil. Large operation space (can reach as large as 300mm).

Integrated System Clean and Safe. All connections & plugs of the control box are well located & tidied up at the back.

Oh! We think this needle feed lockstitch is well designed & well put together.

Each operation has voice command guidance ….

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Jack A6F-H Machine set up as heavy duty Needle Feed 

Auto Foot Lift. Auto Underbed Trimmer, Auto Backtack, Stitch counter, Fully lubricated with sealed oil pad.

Optimized thread take-up and feeding mechanism enlarge the sewing range, suitable for various kinds of fabrics like jeans, yarn and lace. 

Model Needle Thread Stitch Sewing
Number Length (mm) Speed (s.p.m)
A6F DBx1 11-18 2 4.5 4000
A6F-N DBx1 11-18 2 4.5 4000

New function for oil level reminding, makes easy and fast to add oil.

USB port. To plug in your Phone, Small Fan, also to access to upgrade A4’s softwear in the future.


Voice command.

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Weight 50 Kg