Jack A4 Foot Lift Solenoid Assembly 1383001200

£37.00 +VAT

Jack A4 Series Foot Lift Solenoid Assembly

For Jack under bed trimmer plain sewers lockstitch machines.

Part Number 1383001200

If you have a Jack A4 A4S or A5 series sewing machine with a auto foot lift.

This is the solenoid that lifts the foot.

Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Single Needle Lockstitch,

And Needle Feed Machines.

Model’s Jack A4, A4S Jack JK-9100BS-7 and Jack JK-609C. Trojan GC0518-1B

All with modern designs and the latest technology. All competitively priced.


Jack A4 Foot Lift Solenoid Assembly 1383001200

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The Foot lift solenoid assembly Jack A4 series

Plus Jack A4S Jack A4S-H Jack A5

Part number 1383001200

We hold from stock parts for most common makes like BROTHER, JUKI, HIGHLEAD, TOYOTA, JACK, SINGER & PFAFF.

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