Ironmaster DL-96 Teflon Shoe

£15.50 +VAT

Ironmaster DL-96 Teflon Shoe 

Teflon shoe for DL-96 Gravity Feed Iron, Iron Master and DL-85TN steam iron.

Very High Quality.

Aluminium inner liner.

Irons any synthetic material or delicate fabric. (dependent on iron setting)

No shine

Different sizes available


Ironmaster DL-96 Teflon Shoe 

Attach Teflon Shoe to your iron and say goodbye to press cloths, wrong side pressing, low temperature settings and all the slow, tedious, time-wasting ways you use to prevent that unwanted shine.

Made by laminating a thick sheet of the smoothest, slipperiest material known (DuPont Teflon) to a layer of tough aluminium alloy, the Teflon Shoe provides a pressing surface so super slick, that your irons will never again scorch or stick to even the most delicate or difficult-to-press fabrics.

Teflon Shoe fits Irons listed below

Ironmaster CE / Ironmaster


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Weight 159 g

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