Hook & Base HSH7.94BTR

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Hook & Base HSH7.94BTR

For plain sewer sewing machines that cut the cotton off.

Part No. HSH7.94BTR

Bobbin Case 52237

Bobbin 270010

If you have a Chines, Japanese standard plain sewer / flat machine that is electronic and does cut the sewing cotton off, then this is the hook your machine will probably be using.

Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Plain Sewer Lockstitch Machines.

Model’s Jack fully Electronic A4 & A4-7H, Jack JK-9100BS-7 and JK-609C.

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Hook & Base HSH7.94BTR

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Rotary Hook

Part No. HSH7.94B

To be used with

Bobbin Case 52237NBL

Bobbin 40264

HSH-7.94BTR hook & base for UBT (under bed trimmers) machines will fit most types of Plain Sewer flat machines with underbed trimmers. For general use from light to heavy materials

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Weight 70 g

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