Heated Vacuum Pressing Table DL-1800

£275.00 +VAT

Heated Vacuum Pressing Table DL-1800

Heated Vacuum Table 

Temperature controlled by an adjustable thermostat.

Manufactured following new European rules with adjustable height of 3 different positions

Cost effective

Portable – Folds away

Heated Board

Large 80 x 35 cm board

Model DL-1800 has a thermostat protector on the heating element of the board, against higher temperatures as a guarantee for total safety.

Excellent results of ironing for every kind of cloth are obtained as it is manufactured utilizing industrial technologies.

It is an ironing board that can be coupled up to a stainless steel steam generator Mod. Big Steam 3 which comes complete with iron.

This vacuum table folds away fully for easy storage.

All Pressing Tables mentioned are individually tested before selling.


Heated Vacuum Pressing Table DL-1800 

For your everyday pressing requirement needs.

This table is compact so when you are not using it, it can be folded away to create space, ideal for small work area.

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Weight 35000 g

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