Hand Held Rotary Cutter 60mm

Hand Held Rotary Cutter 60mm

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Hand Held Rotary Cutter 60mm

Cutting fabrics quickly, neatly, and precisely.

The convenient locking device at the finger tip is easy
to manage.

Suggest to use with cutting mats and quilting rulers.

Work with various decorative blades
(skip, pinking, wave and scoring).

Cutting straight line better than scissors.

Rotary Cutter Jumbo 60 mm

  • Jumbo, standard handle

  • cuts up to 20 layers of cloth with next to no force due to its 60 mm blade diameter

  • 60mm diameter

  • Easy to use

  • Roller cutter with position able blade for cutting multiple layers, for sewing, patchwork, and papercraft projects

  • Non-slip soft-grip handle for comfort and optimum control, knob to lock and unlock the blade, Ideal for right and left-handed users

  • Precise cuts through several layers

  • Adjustable blade position for right- and left-handed users

  • Equipped with one blade (Ø 60 mm), Replacement blades available (Item No.: DW-RB006P(R)

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Hand Held Rotary Cutter 60mm

Jumbo Hand Held Rotary Cutter 60mm


Item No.







diameter: 60mm





Jumbo Rotary Cutter blade 60mm Advantage With 60mm blade, more layers of fabric, paper, leather or soft plastic sheets can be trimmed at once with a single cut. Flexible Blade Safeguard offers great safety to the user. Anti-Slip Cushioned Handle offers great comfort for cutting. Blade is made with razor sharp edges for a lasting cutting with clean finished edges.

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