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GW-8BL30/GW-28BL30 Trojan Heavy Duty Flat Bed

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GW-8BL30/GW-28BL30 Trojan Heavy Duty Flat Bed 

Single/ Double-needle Sewing Machine for Thick Material with Comprehensive Feeding

Model Numbers GW-8BL30 Single needle and GW-28BL30 Double needle.

Heavy Duty Flat Bed Machine for thick materials with comprehensive feeding, which adopts large-scale and post-bed type rotating shuttle to conduct thread hooking and slider bar take-up.

The Upper and bottom shaft is supported by bearings and driven by synchronous belts.

The synchronisation of the feeding mode of needle bar swing together with a presser and feed dog.

These machines are especially suitable for vehicle equipment such as seat cushions, seat belts and airbag restraint systems, as well as for use on larger equipment such as outdoor tents and parachutes.

Smooth and light transmission on comprehensive performance, low noise, high durability, large operating space and equipped with overloaded on-off device protecting the rotating shuttle are also features of these machines. 


GW-8BL30/GW-28BL30 Trojan Heavy Duty Flat Bed

Maximum Sewing Speed: 1200 r.p.m

500W electronic adjustable-speed motor equipped with exclusive accessories to achieve automatic presser lifting, backstitch and needle positioning also available. 

Stitch Length: 10mm

Needle Bar Stroke: 47.3mm

Presser Foot Lift: 20mm by hand, 23mm by knee

Needle Size: DY x 3 27#

Rotating Hook: Large vertical hook

Lubrication: Manual

Stitch Type: Lockstitch

Motor: 500W Clutch motor 1400 r.p.m But recommend i90 Ho-Hsing servo motor 

Working Space: 762 x 153mm



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Weight 95000 g

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