Global ZigZag Machine ZZ 9567-75 P-AUT

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Global Industrial Sewing Machine ZZ 9567-75 Series:

Global ZZ 9567-75 P-AUT

Automatic longarm pattern zig-zag machine. Similar to Global ZZ 9567-75 AUT but equipped with puller:

  • Electric underbed trimmer

  • Pneumatic back tack and presser foot lifter 

  • Standard delivered with 1 stitch pattern cam (three point zig-zag)

  • Total 14 different pattern cams available

  • Semi-automatic lubrication

  • Working space: L x H = 750 x 115 mm 

  • Note: To use this machine, you need a servomotor

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Global Industrial Sewing Machine ZZ 9567-75 Series:

Global ZZ 9567-75 P-AUT- Automatic longarm pattern zig-zag machine with puller


  • Machine speed: max 1400 spm

  • Oiling system: semi automatic

  • Stitch length: 5 mm

  • Presser foot lift: max 12 mm

  • Needle type: 134 R

  • Zig Zag width: max 10 mm

  • Stitch type: three point zig zag

  • Note: To use this machine, you need a servomotor

  • Table Top D 105x55x4 cm (various models)

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Weight 40 Kg