Global Extra Heavy Duty Pattern Sewer BT-500×200 H-TB

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Global BT-500×200 H-TB Extra Heavy Duty Pattern Sewer.

For weight of fabric these machines can sew. Needle coolers & Thread burners, Got to best in class…

Thick webbing harnass work, Sail making, tarpauline fixing straps, etc….

Extra heavy duty programmable pattern sewer with large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity.

This machine is equipped with automatic thread burners to trim upper and lower thread. The machine is standard with needle cooling device.

This machine is suitable to sew extra heavy materials, such as safety belts, flight cases, cargo straps and luggage.

Pattern input by USB.

Complete with table top, stand and motor. All set up on your premises

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Global Extra Heavy Duty Pattern Sewer BT 500200 H-TB:

Machine speed: max 800 spm

Feeding system: by pulse motor (X-Y)

Hook type: large shuttle hook

Stitch length: max 10 mm

Presser foot lift: max 18 mm

Clamp lift: max 18 mm

Needle type: DY X 3

Seweing range: 500 x 200

Power source: 240 v– 1 phase 50-60 Hz direct drive AC servo motor

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Weight 65 Kg