Global Cylinder Arm Walking Foot WF 1576 LH

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Global Industrial Sewing Machines WF 1570 LH Series

Global Cylinder Arm, Walking Foot Machine WF 1576 LH

Double needle cylinder arm, walking foot sewing machine equipped with:

  • Standard needle gauge of 8 mm

  • 6 mm stitch length 

  • Alternating foot stroke adjustment by dial

  • Large vertical axis hook

  • Will sew medium heavy leather

  • Manual lubrication

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Global Industrial Sewing Machines WF 1570 LH Series:

Global Cylinder Arm, Walking Foot Machine WF 1576 LH


  • Machine speed: max 2500 spm

  • Oiling system: oil wick lubrication (hook: manual)

  • Feed type: drop feed, needle feed walking foot

  • Inner food adjustment: 2,5 – 6,5 mm by dial

  • Presser foot lift: by hand: max 9 mm by knee: max 16 mm

  • Needle bar stroke: 36 mm

  • Needle type: 135×17 Nm100-Nm180

  • Thread size: up to 10

  • Table Top D 105x55x4 cm (various models)

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Weight 30 Kg