Global Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Automatic WF 1575 LH-AUT

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Global WF 1575 LH-AUT ( large Hook Automatic)

Auto Foot Lift, Auto Backtack Pneumatic Functions, Auto Tread Trimmer Electric .

This is a modern design great cylinder arm machine.

Based on the Juki LS1-340 Series 

Compound feed walking foot capable of sewing thick work easily.

Large vertical axis hook capable of handling thick thread No10 bonded thread.

Motor options. i90 servo motor 

Nice Formica top 105x55x4cm and unit stand on wheels.

Alternating foot stroke / height easy adjustment by dial.

Plus she’s fast.


Global Cylinder Arm Compound Feed large vertical hook Automatic.

Auto Foot Lift, Auto Backtack pneumatic functions, Auto Tread Trimmer electric.

WF 1570 LH ( large Hook )

The product specifications for the 1570 series:

  • Machine speed: max 2500 spm

  • Oiling system: manual

  • Feed type: walking foot / unison feed 

  • Stitch length: max 6 mm

  • Presser foot lift: by hand max 9 mm

  • Presser foot lifter: Auto Pneumatic

  • Back Tack: Auto Pneumatic 

  • Needle type: 135×17 for fabric work 135×16 for leather work

Additional information

Weight 50000 g

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