Global Twin Needle Wheel Feed Post-bed LP 9974

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Global LP 9974

Twin Needle Wheel Feed Needle feed Post Bed machine & Standard Hooks….

Double needle lockstitch post bed machine with wheel feed, driven roller presser.
Standard needle gauge 2,4 mm.

Equipped with 750W servo motor & synchroniser

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Global LP9974

Post bed Needle Feed & wheel feed….

The product specifications for the LP 9974 series

Machine speed: max 3000 spm

Oiling system: Manual

Feed type: reversible feed, top driven roller and wheel feed.

Stitch length: double needle max 4.8 mm

Needle types: 134 LR, 134 KKLR

Note. No electric or pneumatic presser foot lifter available

Presser foot lift: by hand 7 mm, by knee 14 mm

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Weight 45 Kg