Global BM 360 Blindstitch Standard

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Global BM 360 Blindstitch Standard

Mauzer Class Hemmer

Global Hemmer BM 360 is built around the very successful Mauser Spezial 68 hemmer.

Global BM 360 Blind Hemmer is great for turning up fabrics where a near on invisible stitch on one side of the fabric is required.

Global BM 360  Blind Hemmer is ideal for Tailors, Home Alterations, Dry Cleaners & Curtain Makers etc.

The machine is equipped with a skip stitch mechanism.

Fixed Arm.

Can be supplied with the standard clutch motor, Servo Motor with/without Syncroiser.

Formica Table Top 105 x 55 x 4cm.

The stand can be supplied with/without castors.


Global BM 360 Blindstitch Standard

Mauzer Class Hemmer

Machine speed max. 2500 spm
Stitch type: 103 Single thread chain stitch
Number of needles: 1
Stitch length: 3 – 8 mm ratio
Skip stitch 1:1 – 2:1
Needle type: 29-34

With optional four different types of motors to run this hemmer.

Standard clutch motor,

SV550 Servo with synchroniser entry-level servo motor.

G40 Servo with Synchroniser Option we would recommend.

GM60-5-GL 600 watt top of the range. Servo with synchroniser.

ETD 360 electric thread trimmer for BM360 class. Will run only with the GM60-5-GL servo motor.

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Weight 30000 g

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