Global BH-9982 Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole

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Global BH-9982 Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole

Multi Functioning Tailors 

This machine must be classed as an upgrade /clever Reece 101 style machine. 

High-speed, two thread chain-stitch, electronic eyelet buttonhole machine with thread trimmers for the upper and lower thread.

The programmable control box makes it easy to change from “cut after” to “cut before”, to make buttonholes with or without a fly bar and the crossbar.

Up to 9 different cycle programs can be stored in the memory.

The machine is delivered complete with stand, tabletop and motor, all set up in your factory…

This machine is suitable to sew round eyelets between 2 and 5 mm. The special parts required have to be purchased separately.


Global BH-9982 Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole

Production Information


The product specifications for the BH 9982 Eyelet:

  • Machine speed: max 2000 spm

  • Stitch type: 401(Chain-stitch)

  • Number of needles: 1

  • Stitches per cycle: adjustable

  • Work clamp height: 12 mm

  • Feed type: pulse motors for accurate x-y feeding

  • Needle type: 558

  • Buttonhole size: 13-38 mm

  • Round eyelet size: 2,3,4 and 5 mm (sewing-set,knives and blocks are optional). 

Additional information

Weight 55000 g

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