Global Adjustable Gather Walking Foot UP 550 AUT

Global Adjustable Gather Walking Foot UP 550 AUT

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Global Industrial Sewing Machines

Global UP 550-AUT

Programmable single needle, walking foot lockstitch machine for gathering leather or similar materials.

This machine attaches reinforcement tape and gathers the material in one operation and with the special differential mechanism, it is possible to gather in steps of 5%.

This machine is specially designed for the production of upholstery used in the aviation upholstery and automotive industry.


Global Industrial Sewing Machines:

Global Adjustable Gather Walking Foot Machine UP 550-AUT

Global UP 550 AUT

Product specifications for the UP 550 AUT:

European table top 130x70x5cm

Machine speed: max 2000 spm

Stitch length: max 9 mm

Hook: large horizontal hook

Presser foot lift: max 16 mm

Inner presser foot alternation: 1-7 mm

Needle type: Dpx17

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Weight 30000 g

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