Feed Dog 52031

£2.80 +VAT

Feed Dog 52031.

Feed Dog / Teeth.

Part number 52031.

This Feed will match up with Plate 52032LG.

Also, plate 147150.

This Feed Dog is universally one of the most popular used on all makes of plain sewer sewing machines.

If your industrial sewing machine is set up to sew clothing or light to medium work, the chances are you have this plate on your machine.

Needle Plates & Feed Dogs are designed as a matching pair. Therefore we recommend when replacing one item, that you also replace the other two. Good quality feed parts give increased quality and consistency in the sewn product.

Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Plain Sewer Lockstitch Machines.

Model’s Jack fully Electronic A4 & A4-7H, Jack JK-9100BS-7 and JK-609C.

All with modern designs and the latest technology. All competitively priced.


Feed Dog 52031

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The Feed Dog /Teeth are classed as light work.

Part Number 52031 Matches up with Throat Plate 52032LG.

Will also work on throat plate 147150.

This plate has been designed to help the sewing machine sew with less pucker.

and fabric damage on light work.

This plate has no lines marked on it.

Also has a small needle hole suitable for needles up to size 100 / 16.

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Weight 25 g

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