Feed Dog 100334-001

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Feed Dog / Teeth 

Part number 100334-001.

Also known as 12481

Trojan Sewing Machines supply Equivalent Plain Sewer Lockstitch Machines.

Model’s Jack fully Electronic A4 & A4-7H, Jack JK-9100BS-7 and JK-609C.

Trojan Sewing Machines also supply Top & Bottom Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Machines. Model Trojan GC0318-1, Jack fully Electronic Model JK-6380E, & Jack JK6380 Top & Bottom Feed Lockstitch (without Needle Feed) machines.

All with modern designs and the latest technology. All competitively priced.


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We have simply 100’s of Needle Plates & Feed Dogs to fit all common Industrial Sewing Machines in use today.

This is just a selection of our most popular feed & plate combinations.
Please call, we can help you.

Part number 100334-001.

Also known as 12481.

The feed dog is classed as medium/heavy duty.

This feed has been designed to help to sew medium to heavy weight fabrics.

The feed can be purchased in Heavy duty course teeth.

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Weight 25 g

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