DL96-6-1 Back Cover

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DL96-6-1 Back Cover

DL96 Gravity Feed Steam Iron

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Part No. DL96-6-1

Gold Eagle: Industrial Electric Steam Iron
Model: DL-96/96K
You can find the parts list to this iron located in the product gallery images of this product (image 2 & 3).


DL96-6-1 – Back Cover
Part for DL96 Iron 

About the DL96 Gravity Feed Steam Iron:
This is a low costing alternative iron for customers who don’t need big industrial irons i.e. for small workshop alterations or tailoring shops. If this applies to you this is the perfect iron for you. With its fast ‘warm-up’ setting and thermostat control your iron is ready to use in just a couple of minutes. 

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