D102 Looper Cover

D102 Looper Cover

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D102 Looper Cover

We distribute the Revo Class of Bag Stitcher and hold stock of 100% Genuine Manufacturer’s Original Replacement Parts.

So give us a call and get yours parts tomorrow. We hold parts for immediate dispatch in our warehouse.

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D102 Looper Cover

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Part No: D102

Thread Tension and Cover Parts:
D101 Guard, Needle Bar

D101-1 Screw for D101
D101-2 Screw for D101
D102 Looper Cover
D102N Looper Cover (New)
DS103 Cover Side Name Plate
D103N Side Name Plate (New)
D103-1 Screw for Cover Side Name Plate
DS104 Cover for D811-11
DS104-1 Screw for Cover of D811-11
D108 Screw for Looper Cover
D109 Thread Eyelet
D113 Tension Assy. Complete
D113-1 Tension Rod
D113-2 Disk for D113
D113-3 Spring for D113
D113-4 Nut for D113-1
D113-5 Screw for D113-1
D114 Tension Set Base
D114-1 Screw for D114
DS119 Top Cover
D119N Top Cover Round
D119-1 Screw
D120 Thread Guide Rod
D120-2 Nut for D120
D120-3 Washer for D120
DS702-2 Thread Cutter Guard
DS702-3 Screw for DS702-2
D801 Allen Bolt for D800
D804 Bolt, Thread Clumping
D805 Nut fot D804
D807 Thread Cone Cup D807-1 Rubber Clump for D804
D810P Thread Cone
D815 Thread Cone Attachment
D903-3 Packing for D906

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