Cutting Mat Small 45 x 30cm

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Cutting Mat 45 x 30cm 

This professional Self Healing Cutting Mat the perfect craft tool for your work, ensuring that your worktops and surfaces aren’t marred by crucial cutting and modelling work. The fantastic mat allows you to carry out modelling, measuring, cutting and painting while protecting the surface of your workstation.

This pack contains one high density cutting mat that will help cut the perfect angle and size every time. It features helpful measurements along each side of the mat.

Due to the high density material, the mat will prevent blades from slipping, which will give you a better cut and will decrease the likeliness of injury. Also reduces blade wear.

  • Size: 45 x 30 x 2cm (A3)

  • Self-healing

  • 4 layers for long term rigidity and resistance

  • High density material.

  • Non slip mat

  • Two usable sides, of which one includes grid-pattern (cm + mm + angles), cm graduation and grid.


Cutting Mat Small 45 x 30cm 

Self Healing Cutting Mat 45 x 30 x 2mm 

Create your crafts anywhere with this durable and flexible Large Cutting Mat!

Avoid marking or scratching your work surface unexpectedly & permanently. A crafter’s must-have! For haberdashers, papercrafters, clay artisans, textile artists and more, this cutting mat is ideal for protecting your surfaces from the wear-and-tear.

With a set of angles, grids and measurements for total accuracy, put the control back into your own hands!

  • Thick surface for protection

  • Includes grid, angles and measurements

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