Corner Oil Sump Rubber Front MF70A0419

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Corner Oil Sump Rubber Front MF70A0419

If your machine is noisy a set of new corner rubbers will help…

Part No MF70A0419

The large sump/oil tray cushion’s normally sit in the front corners of the hole cut out of the sewing machine bench for the sewing machine head to sit in.

Back corner rubber’s Part No HA300J2060

They sit between the drip tray and the sewing head to help reduce vibration & minimise operating noise.

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Corner Oil Sump Rubber Front MF70A0419

Large Front Corner oil tray/oil pan/sump Rubber 

Part number MF70A0419

Usually in white or grey in colour.

22mm in depth

Suitable for use on most Industrial plain sewing machines that have a drip tray.

Without them, your machine will not sit level with the tabletop and be extremely noisy.

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Weight 30 g

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