Compensating Binder Foot 601

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Compensating Binder Foot 601

This is a high quality binder / compensating foot

High Shank comp binder foot.
Part number 601.

The idea of this foot is again to get the binding as close as possible to the sewing needle.

Plus the long toe on the left helps keep the edge of the binding under control.

With this foot being a compensating foot it gives greater sewing control of the different layers of fabric involved in binding.


Compensating Binder Foot 601

Hinged Compensating Binder Foot.

Part Number 601.

Used for 13/4″-7/8” bias binding .

To be used with all classes of bias binding single & double folding tape binders.

Variation of thickness helps eliminate puckering and twisting of binding.


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Weight 25 g

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