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CM600 Trojan Blind Hemmers

£599.00 +VAT

CM600 Trojan Blind Hemmers

A superb Industrial Blindstitch Machine with the CM-101/600.

For adoption of Blind stitch mode, the sewn stitch is invisible from the surface of the fabric, therefore, maintaining the Curtain hem & clothes hems neat and elegant appearance.

Widely used for Sewing Curtain hems, hemming cuffs, trousers, skirts, gloves, sock, front and back of the suit, etc. used on various material such as cotton, wool, chemical fibre, etc.

All Trojan Machines are CE (Europe) Approved, are Certified for Quality and Safety by TUV (Germany). 

Meets ROHS Standards and have been certified by the American Quality Assessors (USA). The Manufacturer has been awarded ISO9001 & ISO2000 Quality Assurance Standards.


CM600 Trojan Blind Hemmers

Supplied complete on Servo motor (240v) & unit stand,

This is a perfect addition to any Soft Furnishing Studio, Garment Manufacturing Plant or Alteration Shop.

Ideally suited to Hemming Curtains, Garments such as Skirts & Trousers. Also used for attaching Facings and Padding’s in Tailored Garments.

Fully adjustable ‘DEPTH’ control for perfect hemming of most common fabrics.’SKIP STITCH’ control for Tailoring Applications.

The machine is fitted with a ‘Swing Out’ curtain plate allowing access to the small cylinder arm to enable the hemming of Sleeves, Cuffs and Small Diameter Goods such as Children’s Wear.

High Operating Speed of 1200s.p.m.
1 to 1 and 2 to 1 Stitch Ratio.
Single Thread Blindstitch.
Swing Out Curtain Plate.
Small Cylinder For Sleeves.
Knee Operated Foot Lift.
Supplied Complete on Unit Stand.

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Weight 80000 g

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