Singer 20U Check Spring 32758

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Singer 20U Check Spring 32758

Industry Standard Check Spring for Singer 20U, Jack 20U, Protex 20U & all generic copy 20U zig zag M/C

Singer Part number 32758

Also known as Part numbers 100399-001, LA27, S02620-301 and 145519-001.

This Check Spring is used widely though out the industry.

Especially on 20U Zig Zag sewing machines.

Tension Assembly Part No 281816451

Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Zig Zag Machines.

Model’s Trojan JZ20U53.

All with modern designs and the latest technology. All competitively priced.


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Singer 20U Check Spring 32758

Singer 20U & Universal Standard Industrial Sewing Machine Check Spring.

Singer 20U & all generic copy 20U standard machines.

part No 32758

The idea of the check spring is to check the cotton as it goes around the sew mechanism of the sewing machine.

The check spring allows for the tension of the thread to be lighter with in the sewing cycle, so helps considerably with pucker on lighter fabrics.

The check spring is a vital component when it comes to achieving a balanced stitch on the item you are sewing.

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