Chain Mail Glove Extra Large

£55.00 +VAT

Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Protective Glove.

Orange = ‘Extra Large’ size

For very large hands with an index finger length or approximately 10.5cm.

All gloves are C.E. Approved. All are ambidextrous. Simply turn inside out to fit on the opposite hand.

Finest stainless steel glove,based on ergonomic design
Feel more comfortable and not get tired easier
Can promote working efficiency more

Wearing a chainmail glove is a lot easier than loosing a finger or worse…

Long Sleeve gloves available in 8,15,& 20cm lengths.





Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Protective Glove.

Special Characteristics.
CE Certificate
Reversible for left or right hand
Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel rings.
Flexible strap, adapts to all wrist to ensure comfort
Adjustable metal clasp design
Full hand protection
In slaughterhouse
In the meat,fish and shellfish,game and meat processing industries
In large scale catering establishments and supermarkets
In the plastics,leather,textile and paper industries
In lab protect,security and police field etc.
In the wood and glass processing industries

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Weight 235 g

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