Brother T-8752D Knock Out Large Capacity

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Brother T-8752D Knock Out Large Capacity

Further Progress Based On Reliability
Equipped with the Colour LCD touch panel, the functionality becomes easier to use. The needle breakage prevention function which prevents the needle breakage when reverse stitching is carried out with the quick back switch. This contributes to the improvement of the operator’s work efficiency

User-Intuitive Colour LCD Display Touch Panel
The Colour LCD display touch panel display items with illustration icons, offering easy user-intuitive operation. There are three types of operator panel display. All the detailed home screen, quick home screen and easy home screen are easy to use without concern for panel operation.

Equipped With Needle Breakage Prevention Function While Reverse Sewing
We thoroughly investigated the cause of the needle breakage and needle point crushing problem that frequently occur in thick fabric backstitching and equipped this model with the function to prevent needle breakage. In addition, the quick back switch is located at a position where the operator can easily press, contributing to improved productivity.

Reliable Sewing With Strong Needle Penetration
Powerful 550W motor outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. This allows accurate sewing of heavy materials and joints. If the needle penetration resistance increases when sewing heavy materials and materials with joints, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force. (Patent pending)





Brother T-8752D Knock Out Large Capacity

T-8752D-405-N64D 2N UBT

Twin Needle Direct Drive Split Needle Bar Lock Stitcher with Large Hook and Thread Trimmer
User-intuitive colour LCD display touch panel
Productivity improvement with IoT capabilities
Equipped with needle breakage prevention function while reverse sewing
USB port on operation panel

Technical Specifications

Model Brother T-8752D-405-N64D
Lubrication type Minimum lubrication
Application Light materials
Medium materials
Max. sewing speed 3.000 sti/min
Needle DPx5 (#14)
Max. stitch length 7.0mm
Presser foot height 7.0mm
Start backtacking and continuous backtacking speed 250~1,800sti/min
End backtacking speed 1,000sti/min
Height of feed dog 1.0mm
Arm pocket size 120.0 mm x 264.0mm
Arm bed size 517.5mm x 178.0mm
Bobbin winder Included in machine arm
Machine head drive Direct drive mechanism
Motor AC servo motor (550W)
Weight Machine head : 47kg
Control box : 7.7kg
Power Single-phase, 3-phase: 200V-230V
Max. electric power consumption 500VA

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Weight 50000 g

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