Brother S7100A-405 Direct Drive Lockstitch

Brother S7100A-405 Direct Drive Lockstitch

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Brother S7100A-403 Direct Drive Lockstitch


Single Needle Direct Drive Straight Lock Stitcher,

(Heavy-Weight Materials) with Thread Trimmer,

Electric Feeding System,

Presser Foot Lifter,

With direct drive motor,

Electric presser foot lifter and stitch length,

This machine offers beautiful sewing quality and high productivity.


Brother S7100A-405 Direct Drive Lockstitch

With Brother-developed direct drive motor and cutting-edge technology, S-7100A offers user-friendly operation and high speed sewing without oil staining.
The new hook enhances sewing capability for a wide range of materials.

This is the next generation of Brother quality & reliability sewing machines.

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