Bobbincase HA600E2080

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Bobbincases for all makes of Industrial Sewing Machines.

Supplied with NBL-1301 Spring Large Capacity.

Part number: HA600E2080

Bobbincase is large capacity with long gib slot for needle feed.

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This high quality NBL bobbin case will fit many sewing machines using Large Capacity Hook including :

NBL stands for No Back lash.

Part is all so known under BC-DBM(2)NBL1

Artisan: 618, 797AB

Brother : B740, B741, B741-3, B745-5, B745-7, B746-5, B746-7, B747-5, B747-7, B748, B748-305, B748-307, B791, B792, B797, B797-5, B798, B798-300

Chandler : DY-337, DY-349

Consew : 120, 145, 146RB

Feiyue : FY-5318

Fomax : KDD-5570HB

Golden Wheel : CS-350L, CS-350L-T, CSZ-3211

Janome : DB-J706S

Juki : DDL-201, DDL-201H, DDL-201S

Mitsubishi : CU-865-22, CU-865-22-FP, DB-120-1, -2, DB-127, DB-130, DB-130-22, DB-130E-22, DB-130G-22, DB-132G-22, DB-325-22, DX-370-20, DX-377, DY-330, DY-337, DY-339, DY-340, DY-349

Nakajima : 171L, 175L-1, 175L-2, 178L, 178L-2, 178L-3, 180L, 180LY, 181LY, 280L, 580L, 680L, DBU-70L, DSN-80L, DSN-178L, DSN-178L-3

Seiko : H-2BL, HC-2BL, HCL-2BL, LAH-1LC/N

Singer : 121C330AA, 121D330AA

Unicorn : DB2-H312, DY-H340, LS2-H540

Yakumo : 171L, 175L-1, 175L-2, 178L, 178L-2, 178L-3, 180L, 180LY, 181LY, 280L, 580L

Yamata : FY5318

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