Adjustable Elasticising Presser Foot – S537-1/8

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Adjustable Elasticising Presser Foot

High Shank 

For industrial single needle drop feed lockstitch machines.

Part Number S537-1/8

The spring loaded thumbscrew controls the amount of stretching of the elastic.

Turning the thumbscrew in increases the amount of stretching.

Turning the thumbscrew out reduces the amount of stretching.

If you turn the screw completely out you can use this foot to attach Tape or Lace with no stretching at all.

This World Class Quality Foot is manufactured to precise specifications and will last for years!


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Adjustable Elasticising Presser Foot – S537-1/8

Solid foot construction

Part No S537-1/8 = 3mm.

Remember foot will also attach Tape, Ribbon,& lace.

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Weight 25 g

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